[SDL] wiki documentation help needed

Jonathan Atkins jcatki at jcatki.no-ip.org
Mon Jan 17 01:49:27 PST 2005

Bob Pendleton wrote:
> There is still a lot of documentation that needs to be moved to the
> wiki. The biggest holes are in the add on packages SDL_image, SDL_mixer,
> SDL_net, and SDL_ttf (SDL_ttf *looks* done, but isn't). If you are
> looking for a way to help the SDL community, spending a few hours
> working on the documentation is a great way to do it.
> 		Happy Holidays & Happy Coding
> 			Bob Pendleton
if someone is really going to update this, it would be nicer to update the original texinfos
since I haven't had the time to finish the SDL_ttf doc...which the wiki is ripped from anyways.
I'll be working on it again to finish it, someday soon, if noone else beats me to it.
make sure to add yourself as an author if you edit the texinfo, and send it on to me for posting.


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