[SDL] SDL_ttf question

Kostas Kostiadis kos at climaxgroup.com
Fri Jan 14 06:53:20 PST 2005

Hello all,

I'm trying to add font support to my project.
I've downloaded SDL_ttf and everything works fine.
However, I've had a look at the glfont.c sample,
and it only shows how to do the blended mode
(which is the slowest/nicest one).

So I need to clarify something...In the SDL_GL_Enter2DMode
for this example, glEnable(GL_BLEND) and the glBlendFunc(...)
only need to be called for the blended more, right?

I.e. if I'm rendering in Solid or Shaded modes, I don't
actually need to enable blending in openGL.
Is this correct?


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