[SDL] Compile error Dev C++

Joe Seeley jseeley at mailhaven.com
Wed Jan 5 11:30:55 PST 2005

I get errors when compiling if I include the SDL.h header.  The errors are as
//Begin Errors
1 d:\Dev-Cpp\include\SDL\SDL.h:39,from main.cpp In file included
from d:/Dev-Cpp/include/SDL/SDL.h:39,from main.cpp 

1 D:\Dev-Cpp\Projects\SDLExample\main.cpp, from main.cpp 

97 d:\Dev-Cpp\include\SDL\SDL_audio.h syntax error before `[' token 

5 D:\Dev-Cpp\Projects\SDLExample\main.cpp syntax error before `(' token 

2 D:\Dev-Cpp\Projects\SDLExample\main.cpp:8 [Warning] no newline at end of file 
 D:\Dev-Cpp\Projects\SDLExample\Makefile.win [Build Error]  [main.o] Error 1 
//End Errors

The compiler is claiming this stems from this 
line of code in the file SDL_audio.h
	void (SDLCALL *filters[10])(struct SDL_AudioCVT *cvt, Uint16 format);

Does anyone know what causes this?

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