[SDL] Running a single binary on different versions of fedora

pallavnawani at sancharnet.in pallavnawani at sancharnet.in
Tue Jan 4 09:48:49 PST 2005


I am trying to port my game RiotBall  (uses SDL) to linux. It compiles
and runs well, but I have a strange problem.

I have two pcs, pc1 is celeron with fedora core 1 installed, pc2 is an
athlon xp with fedora core 3 installed.

If I try to run the binary compiled on pc1 on pc2, I get the following

*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption: 0x08e33fe0 ***

And the program is aborted. If I compile the game on pc2, however, it
runs just fine. And of course, the binary compiled on pc2 does not run
on pc1 because it demands different version of glibc.

The executables run well on the pc on which they are compiled.

pc1 has SDL 1.2.5 and pc2 has SDL 1.2.7. They
have different versions of gcc. pc1 ->  3.3.2, pc2 -> 3.4.2

What I want to do is to compile a single executable that will run on all
versions of fedora (1 to 3 and maybe newer ones too).

Any suggestions on what is going wrong? A better way to do this? I
could compile a static binary, but I think the problem above will
probably not go away.

Thanks for any help.
Best Regards,
Pallav Nawani

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