[SDL] writting a doom-like game

J Inacio jinacio3 at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jan 4 06:21:32 PST 2005

 Hi there.
 I am thinking about start writting a doom clone,
using only 2d things (like doom was made), without
opengl, just algebra and C.
 Does anyone here have a good advice?
 I am thinking about it as a way to learn about the
basis of a 3d game (the raw basis).

 I will give a look at the doom source when I arrive
home, for some ideas. I know I will have to deal with
matrices and matrices.

 I know, there is a lot, really a lot of this things
that I want to write already written, by really good
programmers, but the fun, I think, is to write it
myself :)

J Inácio Ferrarini
Part-time J2EE / J2SE programmer
Extreme Tecnologia
Salvador - Bahia - Brazil

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