[SDL] Re: Problem with full screen + sleeping on OS X.

Steven Saunders s_j_nevets at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jan 2 23:54:45 PST 2005

> I've just discovered a bug with sleeping and fullscreen.
> Here is the bug report and work around I submitted to
> Apple. I think it would be wise to include the workaround
> in SDL.

This problem has something to do with the way SDL does fullscreen
under OS X. I have a similar problem when my app tries to open a file
requester or an alert panel. The requester/panel appears under the
SDL fullscreen app, and is hence inaccessible.. and since the dialogs
are modal nothing can be done to get out of it except ssh-ing into my
Mac and "kill -9"ing the process. 

I'd be interested to hear whether Apple says anything about this
problem (my guess is that they will say that the problem is with

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