[SDL] SDL without X

Jorge L.Martin C. explorer at cwp.net.pa
Sun Nov 30 19:02:01 PST 2003

Not really, I run my app on X and on Framebuffer perfectly without
change, did you have framebuffer enable? (vga = 7xx on kernel?), did you
have your gpm enable?

Tell us something more about your environment and how are you calling

On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 10:26, Karl Lattimer wrote:
> Hi, I'm just starting to learn SDL, i've got a project which requires
> it and before i release any files for the project i want to get myself
> atleast proficient. 
> The thing is i don't want to be running X for my SDL applications and
> while testing my applications in X I get good results, the images load
> in the right place but when i try to run them without X i don't get
> any images. Should i be linking in something else into my application
> to get full functionality of SDL on the framebuffer?
> Thanks
> Karl

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