[SDL] SDL-OpenGL Texture mapping

John Silicon jsilicon at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 30 05:10:01 PST 2003

Hrmmm... I assume you're trying to compile/run the code unmoddified, so you
can tehoretically blame the the SDL port from NeHe's tut7.
I believe it worked fine last time I downloaded it -- of course I'm on
Windows, so that might affect it.  Re-check the code to make sure you're
trying to load the correct files (with the right case, too).  If all else
fails, try contacting NeHe -- he seems to respond to most emails within a
day or two (tip: if you try to send around 1 to 2 am [EST], he might respond
within an hour or two [experience])

- Silicon.

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Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 2:04 AM
Subject: [SDL] SDL-OpenGL Texture mapping

> Gidday,
> I've been trying my hand at OpenGL texture mapping, and went back to a
> tutorial I had looked at some time ago, located here:
> http://nehe.gamedev.net/data/lessons/linuxsdl/lesson07.tar.gz
> Pretty simple, a texture-mapped spinning crate.
> Now, this demo has worked fine for me in the past (I'm talking 1-2 years
> ago), but when I fired it up today on my Red Hat 9 machine
> (SDL-1.2.5-3), no textures were loaded, all the surfaces are white (or
> the colour of the light source if I enable lighting).  All the files are
> still there.  I even downloaded lesson6 (a simpler texture mapping demo)
> with the same results.
> The Linux/GLX version works fine, just the SDL version doesn't.
> Does anyone know if these NeHe tutorials contain deprecated SDL code, or
> am I doing something wrong?
> thanks,
> Greg
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