[SDL] Problem with ALSA only...

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 30 05:05:01 PST 2003

Eddahbi Karim wrote:

>Yep but I had the same problems with a 2.4.22-ac4.
I had sound problems with 2.4.21 and alsa modules. But it wasn't SDL 
related. The sound was skipping (but only some apps were affected). I 
found that it was because I had the wrong alsa driver. I have an AC97 
sound chipset, and it seems not all AC97 chipsets behave the same 
although another AC97 driver accepted to load and produced some kind of 
"output". I switched the driver and since then everything is fine. Fwiw, 
my driver is snd-via82xx now.

Do you by any chance also have an AC97 ?


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