[SDL] SDL_GetVideoInfo strangeness

Darrell Walisser walisser at mac.com
Sat Nov 29 16:16:01 PST 2003

I suppose the wm_available should be set to 1, but otherwise the flags 
should be zero since there is no hardware surface support in Mac OS X 
(besides OpenGL, of course).

An OpenGL backend for SDL would be difficult to manage (perhaps 
impossible), since OpenGL doesn't allow direct (pointer) access to the 
framebuffer. To test a pixel in the framebuffer, you have to copy it to 
system memory first, which can be quite slow.

An OpenGL frontend is another story - this can work very well, and many 
people have done it.

On Nov 29, 2003, at 3:02 PM, sdl-request at libsdl.org wrote:

> Message: 4
> To: sdl at libsdl.org
> From: John Philip <phip at spymac.com>
> Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 19:46:59 -0500
> Subject: [SDL] SDL_GetVideoInfo strangeness
> Reply-To: sdl at libsdl.org
> In Mac OS X with the Quartz driver, all flags returned by
> SDL_GetVideoInfo() are always 0. This is obviously incorrect, can
> someone familiar with SDL's Quartz driver comment on this?
> (OS X 10.3.1, SDL 1.2.6)

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