[SDL] Re: Re: SDL_svg has born!

Enzo enzogupi at interfree.it
Sat Nov 29 09:24:01 PST 2003

Bill Kendrick wrote:

> Hi Enzo.  Thanks so much, this is just the kind of project I need to
> help get Tux Print off the ground! :^)

Yes, I'm sure it will be useful for many developers.
I was wondering why nobody has already started it...? ;)

> I realize this is your first release, but I was wondering if you wanted
> some feedback, e.g., on the build process? :^)

Yes, I want feedbacks, help, comments, etc...
All are welcome...

> I got it running, after installing SDL_gfx and then figuring out how to
> install libsvg ;^)
> One thing I noticed when running the test program on the test svg file,
> is that it didn't look the same... no color, and many of the lines
> looked hollow.

Yes, it is.
I wanted release it quickly to check out if someone is interested
in developing...
For now I've implemented only the "line" directive only to check
if it can work. I wanted to "see something" on screen...
In the next release the test image surely will look much better! ;)

> Is this just due to options being sent to SDL_svg or libsvg?  Or is it
> just that you haven't gotten the fill routines written yet? :)

Yes, the second you wrote. ;^)

> Thanks!  Very excitedly,

I'm glad to know there's someone who likes my project.


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