[SDL] SDL opengl stopped working

Jimmy Karlsson jimmy.karlsson at nempo.net
Sat Nov 29 05:53:00 PST 2003

I trust that the package management system (portage) installed it 
correctly but I'll do some checking. Can it be that I'm running the 2.6 
(some test version) thatäs messing things up. It's just that the only 
thing that's not working is SDL opengl, q3, nwn and glut apps works just 
fine so I know that opengl in general works.

Alexander Bussman wrote:
> You haven't installed your graphics card correctly.
> Install the drivers from ati and it should work, I don't have any ati 
> card so I can't tell you how to install them but there should be a 
> document for that.
> btw, ATI is not known to have good Linux support (but hopefully it will 
> be better soon).
> Jimmy Karlsson wrote:
>> As the topic says sdl opengl stopped working after I switch my gfx 
>> card from a nvidia g3ti200 to a ati radeon 9600. This is most likely a 
>> driver issue but I have no idea how to fix it. As far as I know both 
>> the ati- and nvidia-drivers have hardware accel. opengl support.
>> I've tested other SDL opengl apps and they all seem to suffer from 
>> this problem. It would kinda suck if you had to have a nvidia gfx card 
>> to be able to get opengl support in SDL under linux(dist is gentoo btw.).
>> The error message I'm getting is 'Unable to init SDL: No available 
>> video device' generated by your standard init code. My application had 
>> no trouble running on the g3ti200, any ideas ?
>> -JK
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