[SDL] Where to accquire sdl_ttf.h

Milan Babuskov albis at eunet.yu
Sat Nov 29 03:16:02 PST 2003

Bill Kendrick wrote:
>>Where can I acquire the sdl_ttf.h header?
> Just a guess, but did you install SDL_ttf from a package (e.g., RPM or DEB)
> on a Linux system?
> If so, you'll also need the corresponding "-dev" or "-devel" package,
> which contains all of the development stuff (header files, API docs,
> man pages).

To add another guess.

If you're using Mandrake (like I do). If you install from .rpm file, it 
will place sdl_ttf.h in /usr/local/include/SDL instead of 
/usr/include/SDL where all other SDL files are. Just copy the file to 
the right direction and that's all.

After you do install of -devel pacage, just search for a file named 
sdl_ttf.h in your /usr directory.

Milan Babuskov

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