[SDL] SDL on MinGW -- problem with SDLMain and WinMain()

Johannes Schmidt sdl at myrealbox.com
Thu Nov 27 08:58:00 PST 2003

Am Donnerstag 27 November 2003 05:47 schrieb John Silicon:
> Hrmmm... Adding those flags to my command line just gives these errors:
>     g++.exe: shell: No such file or directory
>     g++.exe: sdl-config: No such file or directory
> This happens for both running g++ from the command line, and if I just whip
> up a small makefile for it.  Did I do something wrong?

The $(shell bla) command is expanded by make to a shell command executing bla.
If you want to add this to the command line, simply add `bla` (in back-ticks) 
instead of the whole expression, e.g.
g++.exe -c test.cpp `sdl-config --cflags`.

See here:


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