[SDL] Embedding Mozilla in SDL on Linux

Rasmus Toftdahl Olesen rto at pohldata.dk
Mon Nov 24 17:07:01 PST 2003

man, 2003-11-24 kl. 19:12 skrev j_post:
> On Monday 24 November 2003 07:11 am, Torsten Giebl wrote:
> > > gcc -o test test.cpp `sdl-config --cflags --libs`:
> > > undefined reference to __gxx_personality_v0
> >
> > You have to use g++ not gcc.
> >
> g++ compiled it without error, but when 'test' is run, it crashes with this 
> message:
> Warning: Couldn't load ./GtkBrowser.so: Failed loading GtkBrowser.so: 
> SDL_LoadObject() not implemented
I had the same error, fixed it by extending LD_LIBRARY_PATH with "."
Although it doesn't make sense that LoadObject should need this.

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