[SDL] Framerate and speed interpolation

Carlos Alvarez citrouille at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 24 11:48:01 PST 2003

The main problem you are facing is one that many people face. It is the
> belief in a constant frame rate. There is now such thing on modern
> Forget about it. Sure, the hardware is running at a constant frame
> but your program may or may not be running at any given time. The
> is that you might as well just assume that the time between frames is
> random.
> Remember that velocity is distance/time you are trying to use
> frames/second as a valid time base, and it isn't working. So, use the
> real time. Just grab the time using SDL_getTicks(). and use:
> r.x += (distance * time) * cos(degrees_to_radiant(angle));
> r.y += (distance * time) * sin(degrees_to_radiant(angle));
> where the time is measured in milliseconds and the distance is
> in pixels/millisecond. Doing it this way gives you a constant visual
> motion independent of when you get to draw the next screen.
> To say it again, the frame rate is not a usable time base on modern
> computers.
> Bob Pendleton

Can the motion angle be still affected by framerate (if no framerate
regulation) although speed is displayed as constant ?

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