[SDL] Mix_VolumeMusic works for mp3/ogg, not for mod

Holger Schemel holger.schemel at telefonica.de
Mon Nov 24 09:27:01 PST 2003

Hello Jerome,

> Two configurations give the same result :
> - SDL Mixer 1.2.4 shipped with my distribution, Mandrake Linux 9.1
> - SDL Mixer 1.2.5, built from scratch
> Here is the test case :
>         Mix_VolumeMusic (0);		/* <------ */
>         Mix_PlayMusic (Music,0);
> Can anyone out there reproduce that behaviour ? Is it a bug or a feature ?

Yes, I had exactly the same problem. In my game "Rocks'n'Diamonds",
it therefore looks like the following:

    /* Mix_VolumeMusic() must be called _after_ Mix_PlayMusic() --
       this looks like a bug in the SDL_mixer library */
    Mix_PlayMusic(mixer[audio.music_channel].data_ptr, -1);

This seems to be a bug in SDL_mixer! I think this was already reported
to the list by somebody some time ago.

If not: Can anyone of the SDL_mixer maintainers comment on this? Ryan?

Best regards,
holger.schemel at telefonica.de

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