[SDL] calibration of inputdevices

Samuel taxtropel_news at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 20 16:57:00 PST 2003

can you send me some screen shots and some more details on your joystick, and 
I'll see what I can do for calibration towards that,

Also give SDLJoytest-GL a try as it has many bug fixes.

right now the range for the axes in SDLJoytest are hardcoded at 65534, w/ a 
zero for middle (-32767 -> 0 -> 32767) and there may be a problem w/ this.
(it was something I was worried about, but I've only got 3 joysticks/pads to 
test w/ so...)

The next release will include user config file and a global config file.

but hey! I'm glad to see people giving my stuff a try! thanks a bunch!
Samuel E. Bray

On Thursday 20 November 2003 1:54 pm, Anders Folkesson wrote:
> Hello!
> I just got myself an usb joypad. It works fine except it is a bit
> miscalibrated under linux. If i calibrate it under windows it is okay in
> win. But when testing it with .i.e SDLJoytest one clearly sees that it is a
> bit upp/left. My quetion is now, how does one calibrate an input device in
> linux...or rather, is this something that each program should take care of
> or is it something for the usb device drivers?
> Sorry if this is a bit off topic but i have to start somewhere ;)
> --Anders Folkesson
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