[SDL] XCode project-templates?

Richard Schreyer rws_list at girr.org
Wed Nov 19 11:22:01 PST 2003

The ZeroLink problem is easily fixed, and it's a good thin.  On my low 
end hardware, without ZeroLink, it takes 20 seconds after pressing the 
compile button to get into the Atlantis test app.  With ZeroLink, 3.5s.

Anyhow, to fix it, you need to add SDL.framework to the project.  
(assume a default location of ~/Library/Frameworks).  ZeroLink will 
only dynamically load libraries that are part of the project, so right 
now it fails whenever it tries to call anything in SDL.framework.

Also, any hope of getting the Xcode projects directly into CVS, rather 
than in a tgz file?  I believe that the .nib and .xcode formats are 
both entirely text based, simply to allow easy project file management 
using cvs?  This would allow much easier updating of the SDL project 
(as it was, I had to go manually add the new cpuinfo stuff, which while 
not difficult, was a bit annoying until i figured out what was going 

Richard Schreyer

On Nov 18, 2003, at 4:49 PM, John Philip wrote:

> Okay, after mucking around for a while, I have come up with 
> Xcode-savvy templates. I have updated the "SDL Application" and "SDL 
> OpenGL Application" templates to have native targets, compile and link 
> under 10.3, and appear in the "New Project.." window.
> I have not updated the "SDL Cocoa Application" and "SDL Custom Cocoa 
> Application" templates, as the former has problems opening MainMenu 
> from the nib file and the latter cannot find icon.bmp. The creators of 
> these will need to take a look.
> I have not updated the SDL target template file. I do not fully 
> understand what data belongs in this file, or the format thereof. I 
> have contacted Apple requesting relevant documentation be created. 
> Perhaps its creator could also investigate.
> Also, it appears that the new Xcode feature "Zero-Link", which 
> postpones linking until runtime, is not compatible with SDL and/or 
> SDL's Cocoa wrapper. A SDL project with Zero-Link enabled compiles 
> fine, attempts to launch, and fails with the message "ZeroLink: 
> unknown symbol '_SDL_Init'". There may be a workaround to use 
> Zero-Link with SDL, but for now I have disabled Zero-Link in the 
> templates.
> It appears that Apple no longer uses the path 
> "/Developer/ProjectBuilder Extras/Project Templates/" for storing 
> templates. To Install these, decompress the attached file, and place 
> the resulting "SDL" folder into  "/Library/Application 
> Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Project Templates"
> <SDL_Templates.tar.gzip>

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