[SDL] Creating a directory.

Daniel Liljeberg damien_ at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 18 14:03:00 PST 2003

I would tell you to go with #define's.
It's pretty straight forward...
Although there do exist cross-platform libs that do this you don't have to
be dependant on any lib if you define you methods...

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Daniel Liljeberg

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Subject: [SDL] Creating a directory.

> This question is not about SDL per se, but I was hopeing you folks could
> help me out. My SDL game, coded in pure ANSI C, is cross-platform
> between MacOS X, Windows, and Linux, as such I try and keep my code as
> ANSI compliant as possible.
> I have run into a slight problem howver. How do I make a directory using
> ANSI C code? I know how to use fwrite, fread etc. But these don't create
> directories. Is there a cross platfom method to do this, despite
> perhapse system("mkdir ...")?
> Thanks in advance!
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