[SDL] C code for multiple windows with IPC

John Philip phip at spymac.com
Mon Nov 17 22:02:00 PST 2003

This is off topic and on-topic in a roundabout way.

I was looking into making Jeff's interprocess SDL code run on Mac OS X, 
and figured it would be simple since his code uses standard calls. 
However, headers like sys/msg.h, mqueue.h are not available on OSX! 
Reading through Apple's documentation, I found that "Interprocess 
communication is in a state of transition". About the only IPC facility 
available is signal.h

Do any programmers familiar with OSX/mach have knowledge about this? It 
seems like there has to be something at a lower level than cocoa's 
message systems.

Again, I realize this is more suited for an OSX mailing list, but since 
I was investigating for a SDL-related project I thought I'd start here.

Thanks, John

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