[SDL] Still problems to play soundfiles

Hauke J. Zuehl news-with-spamtrap at athene.dnsalias.org
Sat Nov 15 11:37:01 PST 2003

Hi :)

Am Sam, 2003-11-15 um 20.28 schrieb Ryan C. Gordon:

> The file sounds like it should be AUDIO_S16MSB (at least, that sounds 
> like a click and not static here, unlike AUDIO_U16MSB).

Well, okay I can change it immediately :)

> You didn't do anything with the audio data. SDL_sound just decodes the 
> sound file to a buffer in memory. It doesn't actually play it to the 
> audio device.
> You need to use SDL's audio subsystem to play the decoded audio.

Okay :)))

> You might be more interested in SDL_mixer at this time.

Ahhhmmm...yes :))

Thanks and regards,
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