[SDL] SDL-OpenGL Texture mapping

Greg Trounson gregtr at es.co.nz
Sun Nov 30 01:05:01 PST 2003

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 04:58:31PM -0600, Bob Pendleton wrote:
> I'm writing the code to go with my next article and I have run into some
> very odd behavior. In my program the SDL window can be resized. I want
> to put some restrictions on the size and shape of the window. I want to
> enforce always having the same shape of a window. That is, I always want
> height/width == 0.75. And I want to impose both a maximum size and a
> minimum size on the window. It all works very well except in one case,
> When I grab the corner of the window and push it down to the minimum
> size allowed by the window manager (much smaller than my minimum size) I
> no longer get expose events and the window does not resize even though I
> am calling SDL_SetVideoMode() with a larger window size. Even if I grab
> the window and move it around the screen, I get no expose events until I
> make the window slightly larger, at which time it pops up to *my*
> minimum size. Note, that this only happens if I grab the corner of the
> window. If I grab an edge then this doesn't happen. It works perfectly.
> Has anyone seen behavior like this before, anyone have a guess as to
> what is causing it?

Dunno much about this, but it sounds to me more like a possible bug in
the wm rather than in SDL. Perhaps you could try it on other
programs/write a test program that uses only Xlib? If that doesn't
resolve the problem, perhaps you'll need to set up some diagnostic
messages in SDL's source... if nobody else comes up witha  solution,
that is.


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