[SDL] Patch for Xinerama/Fullscreen support

David Bean sdl at dbean.uklinux.net
Thu Nov 13 06:42:01 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 13:35, Stefan Dirsch wrote:
snip 8<
> > I've not really looked at Xinerana support in SDL, as I'm developing for
> > single headed machines. I'm developing on a dual headed box, and it
> > would be useful to force my output to the second screen, and debug in
> > the first. 
> I'm not sure if this makes sense, as the application usually grabs
> your mouse/keyboard anyway.

My debugging is usually just looking at the terminal for debug
statements where I expect them, while doing stuff in the application. I
can't do this so well if the application is covering the terminal.

Also some keypresses are still handles by X. Control + Alt + Backspace
for one. If there is one there are probably others.

David Bean

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