[SDL] Patch for Xinerama/Fullscreen support

David Bean sdl at dbean.uklinux.net
Thu Nov 13 04:11:02 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 11:21, Stefan Dirsch wrote:
> Hi
> I made a small patch to handle fullscreen support in Xinerama in a
> better way, so that the application now starts on the first Xinerama
> "screen" and not any longer above all Xinerama "screens". I found
> Xinerama suppport already in SDL (1.2.5), but it was disabled as it
> simply doesn't work correctly.
> Any discussion about my patch would be appreciated. Maybe it will be
> applied (in an improved form) for future releases of SDL.
> Stefan

Can it not be controlled on what Xinerana "screen" it is displayed on.
Say the first by default, but the second at an option. Or is this a job
for the window manager?

I've not really looked at Xinerana support in SDL, as I'm developing for
single headed machines. I'm developing on a dual headed box, and it
would be useful to force my output to the second screen, and debug in
the first. 

David Bean

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