[SDL] SDL & QT under windows XP

Jacek Dylak dylak at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Nov 12 22:50:01 PST 2003

>> Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > >After deleting the SDLmain.lib from link opition, it works. Thank you.
> > |
> > | Go ahead and post the steps to get Qt and SDL to work together.  Many
> > people
> > | have asked about it.
> That would be nice indeed. Just having a qt-application running side by
> side with an sdl-window is a hassle. I get strange mutex-errors, and
> arbitrary coredumps :/

Sorry about the question but I've missed the previous posts. I've got qt application which create SDL window and perform some operation on it without any problems (actually the SDL stuff is hidden in win32 library but this does not change much). I've no problems with sdlmain it is still in my link options. However I've tested it only on windows 98. Would be example of my code any help for you?


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