[SDL] Filesystem routines

Milan Babuskov albis at eunet.yu
Tue Nov 11 12:16:02 PST 2003

Miles Vignol wrote:
> i like the idea.  i don't think the VC environment has the opendir/readdir
> functions... correct me if i'm wrong.  please.  i'd love to use them.

I don't know. I use Borland and GCC on Win32.

For Borland, the include file is

#include <dirent.h>

See if you have it. Or just search your "include" directory for opendir(

> if this was put into a seperate library, then i'd go one step further and
> add access to the native file selector into mix.  not sure what to do with
> systems that don't provide hooks for a standard file selector box....

Prehaps you should take a look at wxWindows (www.wxwindows.org). They 
emulate file selectors on platforms that don't support it. Works nice.


Milan Babuskov

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