[SDL] Image Editor

Milan Babuskov albis at eunet.yu
Tue Nov 11 08:39:02 PST 2003

Jorge L.Martin C. wrote:
> Hi guy's,

Guys. ;)

> with this, I'm looking for a way to put animation together, I'm using
> one image with diferent images separates by size for animation, Right
> now i'm making a GIF with the animation editor and then copy / paste
> every frame in the position, that's pretty buried so I guess there must
> be a way to get a GIF or diferent images for frames and put they all
> together with a simple command line or menu action,, what do you use for
> these?

I use exactly that. Copy/paste. It's boring, but if you plan things 
right, you need to do it only once. Other option is to save each frame 
to separate file, and just load them in a loop. (and if you'd still like 
them inside single file, you can paint them all to screen, and dump it 
to .bmp)


Milan Babuskov

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