[SDL] Filesystem routines

Stuart Bingë datura at mighty.co.za
Tue Nov 11 02:34:01 PST 2003

Thanks for the link, I hadn't come across this library yet.

This library isn't what I am looking for, however; it is too high level. 
I have an existing data loading scheme - the only missing portion is a 
cross-platform way of searching for files. The functions that I proposed 
can be used as a starting point to build a system similar to PhysicsFS, 
however you will also be able to do much more if you have access to the 
underlying functions.

As SDL is a multimedia library I believe it should not handle tasks such 
as the PAK file example I gave, nor the multitude of functions that 
PhysicsFS provides - these items are better left to other libraries. I 
do believe, however, that SDL should provide a means of locating a 
specific file/group of files (I'll hazard a guess that you'd be 
hard-pressed to find a multimedia application that does not use a data 
file of some sort), and should do no more than provide the thinest 
possible cross-platform layer to the underlying system's file/directory 
manipulation routines.

- Stuart

Gaetan de Menten wrote:
> You could use the excellent PhysicsFS library by Ryan C. Gordon which
> does exactly what you need...
> It can be found at:
> http://www.icculus.org/physfs/

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