[SDL] IPC multi-window C code

j_post j_post at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 22 10:39:01 PST 2003

On Saturday 08 November 2003 07:06, Greg Trounson wrote:
> Thomas Hentschel Lund wrote:
> > A very tough question - especially for a list for SDL.
> >
> > As a SB Live owner myself I have promised myself _NEVER_ ever to
> > buy a SB product. Drivers are sh*t, support is not existant, games
> > crash with blue screen until I remove the card and run off
> > motherboard sound chip instead.
> >
> > Hard to tell what is wrong, but I know _lots_ of ppl with similar
> > problems running SB Live + a lot of complaints on the Internet.
> > Even SB's own forums are flowing over with accusations, and SB have
> > officially (on their forums) said they dont give a s... about SB
> > Live as its not their main product anymore. Thei comment "Buy an
> > Audigy card" says it all.
> >
> > /me steps down from his box and shuts up
> I know the SB Live has many problems with certain combinations of
> motherboards and Windows installations, but I've never had a day of
> trouble with my Live 5.1 under several versions of Linux.

There are two chip versions of SB live cards. The old chip version 
doesn't work in Linux and has extensive amount of compatibility 
problems in windows.

PS. I has one of these old lives laying out somewhere as well as one SB 
Live 5.1 and Audigy. Both has allways worked allright in windows and in 

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