[SDL] sdlperl, anywhere?

Torsten Mohr tmohr at s.netic.de
Sat Nov 22 09:37:00 PST 2003

Thomas Hentschel Lund wrote:
> A very tough question - especially for a list for SDL. 
> As a SB Live owner myself I have promised myself _NEVER_ ever to buy a
> SB product. Drivers are sh*t, support is not existant, games crash with
> blue screen until I remove the card and run off motherboard sound chip
> instead.
> Hard to tell what is wrong, but I know _lots_ of ppl with similar
> problems running SB Live + a lot of complaints on the Internet. Even
> SB's own forums are flowing over with accusations, and SB have
> officially (on their forums) said they dont give a s... about SB Live as
> its not their main product anymore. Thei comment "Buy an Audigy card"
> says it all.
> /me steps down from his box and shuts up

I know the SB Live has many problems with certain combinations of 
motherboards and Windows installations, but I've never had a day of 
trouble with my Live 5.1 under several versions of Linux.


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