[SDL] Question about SDL_OVERLAY

Sebastian Beschke s.beschke at gmx.de
Thu Nov 6 12:05:01 PST 2003

Hofmann, Sebastian wrote:

>my name ist Sebastian Hofmann.
>I came from Hannover in Germany.
Na dann mal Grüße aus Dollbergen, welches sich ungefähr 30 km von dir 
entfernt befindet ^^

>Question 1:
>Is there a chance to make an Surface with SDL_SetVideoMode without create an entry in the Taskbar?
I don't think so, since SDL only has few window management functions. 
What you could try is creating a window using some other API and binding 
SDL to that window (what was that hack again?).

>Question 2:
>How can I resize and or set a new position for a Surface whitch was created by  SDL_SetVideoMode?
I think you mix up surfaces and the window here.
You can resize the window by calling SDL_SetVideoMode() again. AFAIK, 
there is no way to move that window - except using a different API (see 

What are you trying to do? Probably you're better off with a different 
library (FLTK, GTK or something).

Sebastian (was'n Zufall ;)

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