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Sebastian Porstendorfer hellfire99 at web.de
Thu Nov 20 06:08:01 PST 2003

You know, I actually have wasted a substantial amount of time trying to wrap
SDL in C++, and in the end, I ended up using SDL objects as variables in my
other objects were appropriate.  It turned out to be a lot less code. I am
still considering wrapping SDL_Rect so I can associate certain methods with
it, such as rotating the rect, but I am looking for simpler solutions, It
seems like a waste to create all that overhead for a couple simple methods.
Any one have suggestions?

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On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 11:07, federico.tomassetti at energema.it wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I've seen that more or less every C++ project using SDL it's building
> wrapper. There're some projects that tryed to build an indipendent wrapper
> but most of them are dead or incomplete. My idea it's that this would be a
> very useful project to realize but we need a good number of developers
> work on the wrapper and a good number of developers that use the wrapper
> say me (us?) if it's what they need. What's your opinion? Do you wanna
> contribute?

Why? What value is there in wrapping SDL?

I use SDL in C++, I have never seen a situation where there was any
value in wrapping SDL. I have seen many projects spend a lot of time
developing poorly thought out wrappers for libraries that didn't need
them. Most of the time is wasted on religious arguments over the proper
object hierarchy for the underlying library, and then getting it wrong
and redoing it over and over and over...

But, why should I try to make this point when Bjorn Stroustrup has made
it so very well http://www.artima.com/intv/goldilocks.html

		Bob Pendleton

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