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Bob Pendleton bob at pendleton.com
Wed Nov 5 08:35:00 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 05:43, s.smid at chello.nl wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm doing with a group of 5 students research about SDL. So far we found quite some SDL documentation and exampes. We have a lot of questions about SDL and the progress lately being made with SDL 2.0. We tried to contact sam but so far without a single reply. Is there a develloper on this mailinglist who knows a lot about SDL.
> That knows not only technical aspects but also something about the history and the future perspective of SDL and who is willing to answere some questions from us by mail or irc chat.
> Best regards,
> Sander Smid
> Informatics and Communication Academy
> University of Arnhem and Nijmegen
> The Netherlands

You might get a better response if you just wrote out your questions and
posted them on the list. People will answer the questions they can, and
it will start a discussion that will get you more information than you
can get by talking to just one person. Not to mention that doing it that
way allows people to spend as much time as they want answering the
questions, rather than committing to an unlimited amount of time to
answering your questions. I know from experience that agreeing to
"answer a few questions" for a group of students can turn into an open
ended time sink. 

		Bob Pendleton

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