[SDL] YUV overlay with large size picture

Kumasaka Yohsuke kumasaka at nippon-control-system.co.jp
Tue Nov 18 23:51:00 PST 2003


Maybe you can try my path finding library, APF:
http://www.geocities.com/andre_leiradella/#apf. It's an almost complete A*
implementation (will be some day I expect).

APF does not impose any particular data structure and is suitable for small
maps. It comes with an example of a ghost chasing the mouse cursor in a
pacman-like maze so you can get started very quickly.


Andre de Leiradella

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 11:43:24 +0100
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I have a walkmap for a graphic adventure,
the size is 400*300,
and I use as walkmap and eventmap.

I need some pathfinding algorithm to use with the walkmap.

What data stucture is better for this?

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