[SDL] Problem with threads and virtual functions

Tyler Montbriand tsm at accesscomm.ca
Mon Nov 17 12:31:00 PST 2003

>So my more specific questions are:
>1) Can these subsystems be opened and closed multiple times per program
>invocation *in SDL under Windows*?

In my latest project, I call SDL_Init and SDL_Quit multiple times, even 
just to open a window for defining keys, and the app does not quit entirely 
when SDL_Quit is called, just that the window is closed.  So yes (this is 
under Windows btw) to that one.

>2) Can SDL_Init() be called multiple times per program invocation in SDL
>under Windows?  And what will happen once SDL_Quit() is called within
>an application?  Does the whole application quit, or does the current
>SDL window close and processing can continue?  If processing can
>continue, will the underlying Windows application still get events?

See above.  After I'd quit, I called "show" (Im using wxWindows so it might 
not be the native call name) on my main menu-type window, and processing 
continued under that, so I think yes to all of those as well.



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