[SDL] multithreaded programming

Miles Vignol mvignol at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 11 23:50:02 PST 2003

i'm considering altering my graphics application to use multithreading as supported by SDL, but i'm a little concerned about the warning about allocating memory in multiple threads.  i can see how this would be an issue, but i can also see how this would be something that multithreading system would handle.

the multithreading docs are pretty sparse... anybody have practicle knowledge of the hows and whys here?

in general, i'd be looking at splitting off threads to perform geometric operations on chunks of public data with the result being more public data.  is that a nightmare waiting to happen?  is the problem more or less severe based on the target operating system (i know MacOS doesn't really support multithreading, but i'm curious if some systems do better than others -- for example, i know IRIX is very good about shared memory allocation).

thanks for any pointers!

-miles vignol
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