[SDL] How does it work!?? X??

Martin Holmgren tokkenizer at yahoo.se
Wed Nov 5 04:25:01 PST 2003

I have some wondering about how the grphic part of SDL really works. 
When I read about GTK, Qt, Motif and others they say that theese systems build on X (X.11). Then when I read about som others they say that they build on SDL. 
After this I figure that SDL does not use X. I've heard some people say that SDL writes directly to the framebuffer. Is any of this true and if so why is it possible to get Xlib errors!? 
If anyone is familiar with the underlieing systems of X and SDL I would be so glad for a breif explaination. Any kind of documentation regarding theese questians would also be highly appriciated!!!
Many many many prethanks...

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