[SDL] SDL and IDEs in Windows

William Clayton William.Clayton at students.olin.edu
Sun Nov 2 12:48:01 PST 2003

I'm trying to work on a C programming project for a course where I'm
effectively turning my keyboard into a piano.  I'd like to use SDL for
audio input, but I keep getting odd linking errors or compiler errors
with both Dev C++ and CodeWarrior.  Are there any tricks to getting the
projects in either to actually compile using SDL?  Do I need to #include
more than just the SDL.h file?
Sample errors:
Error   : Undefined symbol: '_main'
referenced from '_mainCRTStartup' in maincrt.c:81 (MSL_All_x86_D.lib)
maincrt.c line 81   
Dev C++:
[Linker error] undefined reference to `WinMain at 16'
 C:\Program Files\Dev-C++\Dev-Cpp\Piano\Makefile.win
[Build Error]  [Audio.exe] Error 1

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