[SDL] Game event loop and input

Owen Butler Owen.Butler at throughput.com.au
Thu Jan 30 17:15:00 PST 2003

I think this is more a general game programming question.

Try www.gamedev.net or www.flipcode.com.

Most importantly, try www.google.com.

Check out the developer diaries on www.pyrogon.com.

Check out the source to one/many of the many games listed on the libsdl

Owen Butler

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> I'm starting to map out the various stages of my game, intro,
> tutorial, game play, cut scenes, etc.  and it is getting a little
> ugly when it comes to what I envision as user input and the basic
> event loop.  I'm thinking I need to create a global that stores
> the current game state and use a series of case statements within
> the PollEvent loop.  This seems a bit bulky though and could run
> pages long.
> Has anyone had experience in developing a custom class that you
> can use to wrap around the event to simplify the event structure
> with respect to your game states?  Or perhaps other ways that you
> have found especially effective in keeping code clean and simple?
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