[SDL] Looking for portable audio player

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Thu Jan 30 08:33:02 PST 2003

On Thursday 30 January 2003 16.38, Shawn wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 05:53, David Olofson wrote:
> > So, now I'm considering these alternatives:
> >
> > 	1) Hacking a plugin wrapper to use an existing
> > 	   multiplatform media player.
> Having spent a bit of time looking over SKobo's source, I have a
> fairly good idea of the awesome capabilities of Audiality. (That's
> not flattery either :)

And it's not getting worse either. It might actually be usable any day 
now. ;-)

> However, it is my opinion that most users will prefer a plugin for
> their specific audio player, which means in general:
> 1) WinAmp plugin
> 2) XMMS Plugin

Well, that should cover it, and probably isn't *too* much work - 
although I don't even know where to start for Mac OS... Oh well. 
Someone might actually care to contribute if it's interesting enough. 

> I'm personally not aware of any "gee golly swell" multiplatform
> audio players at all really. There's a multiplatform editor, that
> goes by the name of "Audacity", that has a plugin system. It works
> on Win32, OS9/X, Linux/BSD. It is however, licensed under the GPL.
> http://audacity.sf.net/
> At the same time though, I do understand your view of creating a
> small portable player.

...with debugging features - which is maybe the *real* motivation to 
do it. Might actually evolve into an editing and control GUI, which 
is sort of required for general acceptance in the studio world. (It's 
pretty handy for tweaking sounds and effects, of course - these apps 
don't have GUIs *only* to have somewhere to stuff all that chrome.)

> Which is probably fine since you're not
> exactly out for world domination (errr...right? :})

Well, you never know...! ;-)

> And as far as
> that's concerned, like you said SDL seems like the thing for
> that...

Yes... At least as a starting point. Maybe adding support for some 
native toolkits (for muliple windows, file selectors and stuff) is a 
good idea, but getting that to work for just *one* platform seems to 
be almost as much work as doing the whole thing "game style" in 

> Anyway, I'll step slowly away now, since I'm not exactly an audio
> expert...

Well, I'm not really a mainstream audio expert, OTOH - I'm normally 
more concerned with technical details and stuff for studio use. That 
is, more like Cubase, VST and heavy DSP stuff than WinAmp, player 
plugins and SFX players for games.

Audiality will have to bridge the gap to be really interesting.

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