[SDL] Looking for portable audio player

Shawn drevil at warpcore.org
Thu Jan 30 07:39:01 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 05:53, David Olofson wrote:
> So, now I'm considering these alternatives:
> 	1) Hacking a plugin wrapper to use an existing
> 	   multiplatform media player.

Having spent a bit of time looking over SKobo's source, I have a fairly
good idea of the awesome capabilities of Audiality. (That's not flattery
either :)

However, it is my opinion that most users will prefer a plugin for their
specific audio player, which means in general:

1) WinAmp plugin
2) XMMS Plugin

I'm personally not aware of any "gee golly swell" multiplatform audio
players at all really. There's a multiplatform editor, that goes by the
name of "Audacity", that has a plugin system. It works on Win32, OS9/X,
Linux/BSD. It is however, licensed under the GPL.


At the same time though, I do understand your view of creating a small
portable player. Which is probably fine since you're not exactly out for
world domination (errr...right? :}) And as far as that's concerned, like
you said SDL seems like the thing for that...

Anyway, I'll step slowly away now, since I'm not exactly an audio

Shawn <drevil at warpcore.org>

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