[SDL] Re: wxWindows

Johannes Schmidt sdl at myrealbox.com
Wed Jan 29 14:28:01 PST 2003

Hi Daniel,

On Wednesday 29 January 2003 21:21, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 January 2003 18:11, Johannes Schmidt wrote:
> > You can use LibUFO. It gives you full control over your event loop.
> > So far, it works with SDL and GLUT, other backends might follow.
> >
> > The only problem is that it is far away from binary compatibility.

> Thanks for that, ufo is an interesting project.  Unfortunately, when I built 
> it, all the tests segfault, and after sniffing around a little with gdb I 
> decided I was likely in c++ binary compatibility hell and do not have more 
> time to investigate.  Well, in case anyone recognizes this one instantly, 
> here's the symptom:

> UBasicButtonBorder::paintBorder (this=Cannot access memory at address    
> 0x3c23d712) at ui/basic/ubasicborderfactory.cpp:145

Oh, well, perhaps I should have mentioned that I wrote that library :)

I would appreciate if you send me your system specs so that I can dig into that problem.

> But it doesn't seem quite ready to use, and I wonder   why the library needs a 
> megabyte of program text to do this.

Hmm, I suppose that one half consists of LGPL License statements.

I am rewriting some parts of the library and much deprecated code will be removed.
Unfortunately, I didn't have much time last few months (at the moment, my studies are quite time consuming).


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