[SDL] Nasty parachute problem/bug

Stig E Sandoe stig at langband.org
Wed Jan 29 10:30:00 PST 2003

Quoting Atrix Wolfe (atrix2 at cox.net):
| It could be that you rprogram has some memory corruption going on.  This
| seems especialy likely since MANY other people have made threaded programs
| before of all kinds and not had a problem. Blaming sdl is somewhat like
| blaming the compiler when your program crashes, chances are, its your own
| fault, not SDL's.

Of course, it might be my program, but in this case I think it's a 
bug even if my program has other flaws.  If I have specified
no-parachutes which is handled as it should in SDL_Init(), why
should not SDL_Quit() respect that and start messing with the 
signal-handlers?  I think SDL_Quit() should check what flags
were passed to SDL_Init() and if no-parachutes was a flagt to
SDL_Init() it should not mess with the signal-handlers as if the
parachutes were installed.  Is my understanding of how this 
should work wrong?

Of course, if my understanding is wrong I'll accept that. 

(And yes, the signal-handlers are used in my app for other tasks,
which is exactly why I pass the no-parachute argument)
| there is a chance however it is SDL, so...id debug my program to make sure
| it wasnt my fault and if i was 100% sure, then id repost this message saying
| which OS i was using and what version of SDL.

I am using Debian Linux x86 (woody and sid/unstable) and I've tested
with libsdl in stable, unstable and 1.2.5 source download.  The problem
goes away if SDL_Quit() via SDL_UninstallParachute(); doesn't mess up
the signals. 

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