[SDL] Nasty parachute problem/bug

Atrix Wolfe atrix2 at cox.net
Wed Jan 29 10:06:01 PST 2003

It could be that you rprogram has some memory corruption going on.  This
seems especialy likely since MANY other people have made threaded programs
before of all kinds and not had a problem. Blaming sdl is somewhat like
blaming the compiler when your program crashes, chances are, its your own
fault, not SDL's.

there is a chance however it is SDL, so...id debug my program to make sure
it wasnt my fault and if i was 100% sure, then id repost this message saying
which OS i was using and what version of SDL.

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Subject: [SDL] Nasty parachute problem/bug

> hi,
> My application has been struggling with signal/thread issues
> when closing down (ie exit()), needing a hard kill to actually
> close it down.  It seemed as if something screwed up signal handlers
> right before exit, and I think I've found the culprit: SDL_Quit()
> SDL_Quit() does an unconditional call to SDL_UninstallParachute();
> which seems to mess up the signal table.  However, when I call
> SDL_Init() I explicitly say SDL_INIT_NOPARACHUTE.  SDL_Quit() is
> not respecting that.  When commenting out the whole SDL_Quit() or
> the SDL_UninstallParachute(); call everything exits safely..
> Hopefully this _very_ annoying bug can be fixed in SDL soon..
> Thanks in advance,
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