[SDL] a few simple SDL questions

Pallav Nawani pallav at sasken.com
Wed Jan 29 02:41:01 PST 2003

> 2) is it better for performance if i write my own double-buffering code, or 
> initialize w/ SDL_DOUBLEBUF and then call SDL_Flip() everytime i refresh the 
> screen?

If you're an expert in directx then you might be able to write 
faster functions, but in general, you're well off using SDL. Use 
hardware surfaces with sdl_flip otherwise performance will 

> 3) How could i initialize an fps counter for my game (sorry i'm really at a 
> loss w/ this one) ?

float total_time = 0;

t1 = SDL_GetTicks();
t2 = SDL_GetTicks();

total_time += (t2-t1)/1000.0;
fps = frame_count/total_time;
if(frame_count==10) {
total_time = 0;
frame_count = 0;

This gives you an 'average' fps, for every 10 frames. You can 
modify this to suit your requirements.


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