[SDL] wxWindows

Daniel Phillips phillips at arcor.de
Mon Jan 27 15:57:00 PST 2003

On Monday 27 January 2003 21:51, Roy Wood wrote:
> If you are interested solely in a GUI you can embed in an SDL window,
> then you're probably headed for ParaGUI: <http://www.paragui.org/>

I just built it and ran the tests.  I agree, it looks good for in-game use.  
However, as you say, it's for embedding in a window and that's not what I'm 
looking for at the moment.   I'm looking for a pretty standard widget set, to 
run outside the OpenGL surface and provide controls for editing, or more 
immediately, to select options for my OGL demos.  I don't want that interface 
to look like a game, as Paragui does.

> Yeah, a lot of people had good stuff to say about FLTK.  The fact that it
> has its own unique UI...

It does?  I just ran all the demos and came away feeling like I just used a 
very typical interface.  I dimly remember trying it a year or so ago and 
thinking it felt kind of funky, so either it changed or I did.  I'll bet on 
the first one.

I'm walking through the FLTK code now, and it looks like, being C++, and with 
the hooks apparently in the right places, you could subclass the widgets and 
make it draw in-frame if you wanted.

Right now FTLK 1.2 is solid and FLTK 2 is in development, so it's a great 
time to get into it - no hassles, and the chance to influence the design 
process, especially regarding this in-frame use.

One more point about FTLK I should mention: it's C++, just like all the 
widget sets except GTK.  That's a point in favor of GTK, since I have not yet 
introduced any dependency on C++, and as soon as I do it's pretty much 
goodbye, C.  I don't know if that should worry me, except that just today I 
had to switch back to gcc 2.95.4 to get rid of bizarre linker errors 
compiling FLTK, and I dunno.  Being C++ is also a point in favor of FLTK, 
since C++ architectures seem to advance more rapidly and handle complex 
situations better than C programs, while only being a little more bloated in 
the hands of a good designer.  Note: I'm not trying to do a sales job for 
FLTK here, I'm trying to find the right tool for the job without too much 

Erm, did I mention FLTK is fast and solid, and the libraries build in a 
couple of minutes on this wimpy laptop?

> ...killed it for me though, since that is not what I
> wanted.  It sounds great for your needs though, so Choice Is Good.  :-)

Yep, but confusion is not, and this is all very confusing.  The big problem 
is all the overlap and potential collisions between feature sets.



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