[SDL] fbcon, linux-2.4.18

Santeri Hernejärvi gray at gray.mine.nu
Mon Jan 27 14:01:01 PST 2003

Jamie Mazer wrote:
> Hi -
> I've recently been trying to get my SDL/pygame app
> that's worked great with the dga/x11 drivers under linux
> for years working on the linux framebuffer device (/dev/fb).
> Generally things seem to work, until I exit my app and
> then the framebuffer gets left in a wedged state that
> required reboot to correct, even though all the pygame
> and SDL close routines are getting called.
> Anyone else seen this?  Anyone know how to hard reset
> a video card under the linux framebuffer?  It's almost
> impossible to debug, since I have reboot the machine each
> time :-(

Can't you reset the console to a sane state with fbset?

And besides, debugging over a network or a serial console would
work too.


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