[SDL] [DEMO] Minimal world engine, updated

Daniel Phillips phillips at arcor.de
Fri Jan 24 08:42:01 PST 2003

On Friday 24 January 2003 14:39, you wrote:
> From: "Daniel Phillips"
> > I'd appreciate some more feedback/complaints about build
> > problems at this point, and could somebody please try compiling
> > this on Windows, and tell me how badly my C code breaks VCC.
> *badly*
> [...]
> However, in about 50 places in the code you do this: return
> (vec3){x[0], x[1], x[2]}; In other words, you initialize a vec3
> object on-the-fly. In VisualC++ this is only allowed when declaring
> the variable, like this: vec3 v = { ... }; Everywhere else you
> should set the struct fields separately, i.e. v.x = ...; v.y = ...;
> etc. I did not feel like fixing all of this, so I gave up. If you
> don't mind changing these on-the-fly initializations to "proper"
> declarations, I can give it another shot.
> Hope it helps,

Thanks, it helps a lot.  Compound literals are blessed by C99, as you can see 

  (section, "Compound Literals", starting on page 65)

All the rest of the points are minor as you mentioned, and I already fixed 
most of them in order to compile the code as c++.  However, I rather like my 
compound literals, and they are standard, so perhaps the thing to do is to 
compile with gcc instead of vcc.  Do you have gcc running there?



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