[SDL] feasibility of a bootable linux cdrom with a game in SDL

Bob Pendleton bob at pendleton.com
Thu Jan 23 19:41:00 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 12:58, Sami Näätänen wrote:
> On Thursday 23 January 2003 19:22, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > I think this is an extremely worthwhile project, and as a few people
> > said earlier, do take a look at Knoppix; tracking that project will
> > save a whole lot of effort.
> Except the fact that it is GPL and thus you have to release the modified 
> cd image. So it makes things harder if you are doing commercial 
> product, because you have to let anybody get that image without any 
> fees except the possible media and shipping costs.

Some of us consider that to be a good thing, not a problem. Even though
the Linux distribution would have to be released, you are NOT forced to
release the source of your game or any of the sounds, images, and so on
that make up the game. The result would be that you have a nice way to
release your games, and so do the rest of us. 

		Bob Pendleton

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